A New Campaign – CBK

For a month now I have been working on a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Now I have made a couple in the past but this is technically my first in the fifth edition. Also this is my first campaign that solely runs off of Roll20. I have always liked Roll20 because of the convenience of it but there is a certain charm (nostalgia?) to be had playing with miniatures and pen and paper.

I did play with another group that used minis but because the group had a knack for not planning things out and meta gaming, my characters would quickly die and buying minis can add up. That group actually moved on to Fantasy Grounds. Which is another online source that is similar to Roll20 in the sense that you can play D&D online. Bur I have sense left this group because drama seems to follow every group I’ve been with. I wonder if that has something to do with me… Nah. At least I don’t think so.

This new group, The Cave Bear Killers, is my group with my friends. So what that means is we can make “your mama” jokes and everything will still be kosher. Until they decide to break my campaign with stupid decisions which are more brilliant than stupid. I just don’t like when that happens because I didn’t expect them to make such smart choices. Which is my fault because I tend to underestimate them.

The Player Characters are as followed:

  • Dobby – High Elf Sorceress.

    (Left to right) Set – Dobby – Ralakas – Xander
  • Xander – Human Cleric
  • Set – Human Warrior
  • Ralakas – Tiefling Rogue

I do have another friend of mine that might be interested in playing with the group as well but until I get a solid yes from him he has no character but I know he has one in the making.

The campaign is my first attempt at making a campaign that has multiple plot points. I’ve developed a world that has seen peace and chaos. Where heroes have risen in trying times to defend the weak and innocent. But has also seen those very heroes turn it all in for a taste of immense power. Needless to say I’m very excited to see the campaign in live action. I want to see where the group will take their characters’ personal stories in this world. Will the tempt fate, defend good, or turn it all in for power and riches. That’s the beauty of this game; anything can happen. From all that I have learned as Dungeon Master is that a good DM isn’t the bad guy, but is the one who creates a world for the player characters to both lose and find themselves.