The Harbinger of Good Times

It’s been about two weeks sense the release of the augmented reality game and its unified people in what seems to be an unifying time. It has been a game changer in so many different levels when it comes to being social with other people. And it’s very pleasant to admit that. In a time where things can seem bleak and unreal, Pokemon Go has brought out the fact that even a simple (but not very simple) mobile game can really bring people together. So long as the goal is to catch little monsters that we grew up watching every afternoon after school. Regardless, the game is amazing.

I am and have never been a fan of mobile games. I could never understand the desire to use your mobile phone battery for any other use then its intended purpose. Because let me tell you, the commercials with Arnold Schwarzenegger walking through battle field trying to get me to play some tap-tap version of an RTS game does not intrigue me. Walking around my city with the sole purpose to “catch them all,” does.

Pokemon Go since its buggy and yet very well received release has brought about what it means to be social in your community and frankly what it means to be active in your city. The very first day that Pokemon Go released I noticed more and more people with their noses in their phone, trying to desperately hide the fact that they were trying to catch a wild Rattata. As if that was something to be ashamed of. It’s funny because not to long after the release a guy came into my store with his three kids and I saw his phone in his hands slanted out as if he were trying to sneak a peak. It made me think of what he might be doing, but then I heard the app music of Pokemon Go. I looked at the guy and said “Hey, whatcha doing there man?” The guy instantly looked like he got caught doing something really embarrassing. He looks up underneath his cap and with a full on gold grill and tells me “Man, I’m just trying to catch this rat here!” I burst into laughter and told him “Me too man!” as I showed him my phone. He laughed it off and said “Man, these kids  (as he looked down at his own) don’t understand this. This is what we grew up with.” And he’s right.

One thing that I have noticed is that there seems to this misconception that this game is restricted for the use of children solely. Sure there have been arguments on both sides. But maybe the people who are saying “It’s for kids!” are those kids who grew up not caring for Pokemon or maybe they’re just too cool to sit with us. The game however doesn’t really seem to be for kids because the purpose of the game is to adventure in the wee hours of the night to catch that Abra who continues to tease me by only walking in front of the field of my house between the hours of 11pm-4am. These are not hours that a child should be out. Just sayin’. This game however is for all of us who grew up watching this show where we were taken to this other world where these little pocket monsters inhabited it. All the while a select few of ten year old children were lucky enough to begin the adventure of their young lives, to train and catch Pokemon in order to  become the best trainer in the world. This is something that many of us grew up wanting to be. Something that made us explore that random grove at a park pretending that there might be a Bulbasaur or Weedle hiding in the thicket. It’s what we’ve waited for.

I can be honest and say that my passion and love for Pokemon has subsided with age. Mostly because I could never really get in to the DS games but with Pokemon Go the passion is back. Sure it could be nostalgia because I’m so hipster and believe in that stuff or maybe it’s what I’ve been waiting for. Getting a call from friends to go and grab a few beers has turned into, “We’re going to catch Pokemon at the lake. You rolling?” And of course I do. How else am I ever going to get a Gyarados.

Regardless you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or childish for playing this game. It was made for you. I was made for me. It was made for the kid that stills lives in us who carries the desire to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world, in our world.

P.S. Team Mystic!