Grinding my way to the next step.

As I sit here and begin to type I begin to ask myself, “What’s the next step?”

What can I do to make this whole video game journalist thing an actual real thing and not just a dreaded hobby. I want to take the next step but aside from trying to be active through social media and writing when I can. I’m not sure what that next step is. Should I stream and throw myself into that again and go through the grind of streaming all over again. Or should I continue to write and blog all that I can until I get noticed by a significant amount of people. I’m not sure anymore. It’s hard to stay motivated through this feeling right now. Sure I can call it a slump or frustration because I just don’t seem to be yielding the views or notes that I wish I could have here, but I have to continue.

Nothing worth while comes easy. There almost always has to be a grind to get where you want to be or have what you want to have. Being a gamer is the epitome of that reality. Grinding is as much apart of life as it is apart of gaming. Think about it. In an MMO, (Massive Multiplayer Online) to get anywhere worth while you have to grind levels. It would be nice to have that armor set that only drops in that one specific dungeon, right? Of course it would be but the catch is you only have one chance every week to attempt to get it and each piece of gear has a 10% drop rate. So nine times out of ten you’re going to get some crappy gear for a warlock that you don’t use anymore because they nerfed him. So you work on it. You word hard towards that goal, because you know that when you have it and achieve it, its all the more special because you’ve earned it, it wasn’t purchased, wasn’t traded for, and  no one handed it you. You earned it. Relish in that fact.

This is where I am right now. It’s not a wall that I have hit because I feel fine. Mentally that is. I’m prepared for this grind but the issue is that I can’t quite tell what the next step is for me to take. I my self am a person of planning. I need a layout. I’ve done pretty much everything with some kind of organized plan. Whether it involved gaming or not. So here I am 1:17 AM asking the universe, whats next.

“Keep Grinding.” Was the motivational message Kevin Pereira left on his Instagram the other night. Simple, wordless, straight forward.

kevper “a simple message of hope.”

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a simple message of hope.

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Since seeing this it’s been kind of a wake up call that feeling like your work is fruitless and unrewarding is part of the grind. But you keep at it because, like many League of Legends players will say, “Still Worth.”

I’ve followed KP since his days back with G4tv  on “Attack of the Show.” An early inspiration to the desire of having some kind of life that evolved the gaming world and its community. So I take his simple message to heart. “Keep grinding.” It’s like the phrase of the night or week. Maybe even the month. Who knows, but I will take these simple words to heart and if you are like me stuck in a rut. Take a tip from Kevin P. Keep grinding.