A Week in Darkness

Dark Souls III has been out for a week now. And I have gotten real friendly with the “You Died” sign. So much so that it seems to taunt me wherever I go. Now I am not a Dark Soul veteran which would explain why I can’t just fly through bosses like some. I have to die maybe three or four or seven times to finally get lucky. It’s a bit unsatisfying. But it’s signs that lie on the floor of a dark dungeon spewing embers that read “Keep going. Don’t give up” that keeps me from breaking my controller in half.

It’s almost this bad. Credit

Now I played Bloodborne but after never getting passed the Goliath at the end of the street from the first lamp. I gave up, not rage quit, but gave up and shelved the game for months. But I finally came back when I felt brave and bold enough to learn how to play the game. That’s the clue to these games. Not everyone can just fly through levels and bosses like some. Some, like me need to learn and watch. Be patient. I can say, that being patient in game where other gamers are collecting awesome gear, weapons, and achievements is hard. Because you feel like you are missing out something. Dark Souls isn’t going anywhere and it’ll continue to haunt your dreams until you learn to play. I know, who learns to play games now a days. We have to. Especially if we want to enjoy and partake in an epic series like Dark Souls. This game unlike Bloodborne is so much more rewarding. Gear is a constant thing here. Learning how you want to play is another thing.

When I first started up the game I had an idea of what kind of character I wanted to play as. A herald. A herald who relied on keeping good space by poking the enemy and using holy discipline to guide me. Well that’s really hard to do. A lot of bosses I learned can be beaten a lot easier in close range. I mean standing right on top of them almost dancing with them. But the spear that the Herald uses makes that a bit hard. So I put Aveline to the side for a while and moved on to Johanna, my knight in shining er chain mail. There’s a clear difference with this character. Especially when it comes to staying close in fights. I am able to roll out and cleave with good damage and decent attack speed.  These two feats are proving to be real difference makers.


I haven’t gotten very far into the game. I only just beat the second boss that lets you pass into the next zone. But it’s a slow learning process and I’m taking my time to learn the game and the lore. This kind of game deserves that attention. But like the guide book says “Take Breaks.” Clarity after a step back from the game can really and truly help. For now I’ll count my self lucky for coming this far without breaking something or crying in a fit of rage. But there is still plenty of time for that I’m sure. Maybe one day I’ll even take on the idea of a spell-sword. I hear that attempt is super hard. But all in do time. I will say that I’m proud that I cheesed the hell out of the NPC that carries the Uchigatana! I will claim that any day!



Hitting A Wall

Only after a true two weeks of determined work I have hit a wall. Not a wall that makes me think that the words I use are foolish or wrong. Not a  wall that makes me feel like I have lost my voice on script. I’ve just hit a wall. This wall makes me feel like doing this, this logging of info, seems pointless. Because let’s face it. Trying to get somewhere in this fashion is hard. Very hard. It’s not easy and most people give up because of this “wall.” I’m trying to figure out whether or not this “wall” is a turning point or an ending point.

This is causing me to bounce my head back and forth and it’s not fun by any means and getting my ass whiped in “Dark Souls III” because my heads not in the game, isn’t helping. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I’ll stay posted but it wont be the most thought out work.

And all of this on the eve of maybe getting an invite to Overwatch’s stress test beta this weekend. *sigh*