Gamespot: The Story of Overwatch

“It Is A Redemption Story”

It’s been a long time since I have felt a huge need or desire to play/be apart of a game. The last game that I looked forward to was the release of “Skyrim” and “Assassin’s Creed Revelations.” Now as great as Skyrim was and is, Revelations let me down. The story and characters that I grew to know and love suddenly were changing. Plot holes were rampant and the overall story of the game was changed. It wasn’t the same and hasn’t been the same. The franchise that I spent hours of my time in running around in had a different unfamiliar feel. Since that year I have yet to hype a game. This is probably why when a new games is announced I am never too excited.

This is where Overwatch comes into play. Overwatch has been in development since probably before 2014 and for whatever reason I couldn’t tell you. I can’t stop looking forward to this game. A team based shooter made by probably one of my favorite game developers of all time. A company that sent me a trial version of World of Warcraft when I was 11. There is something about this game that has me reminiscing about the PC games of old. And when Gamespot started their mini documentary series of Overwatch I realized why I’am so excited. It’s because it is a game of old. Just honed and sharpened for the present.

But seriously though, it’s a blizzard game and a competitive game at that. So that means we all need to be prepared for gaming elitist and “gg-ers.”

When the first video was released (Thursday 21) I was super excited to see some behind the scenes development of the game but what we got was something much more rewarding. Blizzard opened up to us. They let us in and see their raw core game developers have but hide by constantly releasing half decent, mostly unfinished games every year. They showed us who they are and what they are trying to build in this video series.

If you haven’t seen them I implore you to do so. Watch them. Take the time and look at each of them. Study how they feel about this project but especially Jeff Kaplan and Chirs Metzen. Look at the passion and defeat that is in their eyes. They are hopeful this game will bring them a whole new reputation and not the reputation that Blizzard takes other peoples ideas and just makes them their own and better. (Several people have made this comment to me I don’t believe it but understand it) No, this game is going to trail blaze a new reputation with us gamers and I look forward to it.

It’s going to be the shooter we didn’t even know we needed. The Beta has proved that already.


Part 1: The Fall of Titan

Part 2: Return of the 90’s Shooter

Part 3: 21 Hero Salute

And a huge shout out and thank you to @Dannyodwyer and the Gamespot crew for doing such a good job at capturing all of the greatness that Blizzard had to offer over this three part series.


PaxEast 2016 Weekend

One of the biggest Gaming Expo is in full swing and Boston is colored in purple for more then one reason this weekend.

From April 22- 24 Pax East will be live through a myriad of Twitch channels those of which you can find here – Team Pax

Keep up to date with live tweets from Pax as well : @Official_PAX

It’s High Noon somewhere

If making video shorts weren’t enough to get fans asking for more, theses comic shorts will continue the hype until launch May 25th. Today Blizzard released new media that continues to fill in Overwatch’s character and story background. And I am all about them.

The dual pistol hauling, bullet slinging McCree is the face of the very first issue. Blizzard has done a phenomenal job at leaving hints and notes of the story’s past through out the beta and on But nothing like the video shorts or the comics. McCree’s brief story line can be found on his “Story” page but the comic will delve a little deeper into exactly who McCree was before the start of Overwatch.

The comic can be downloaded here or read here!

Comic still from the comic itself. McCree’s brief story entry to follow.


“Armed with his Peacekeeper revolver, the outlaw Jesse McCree doles out justice on his own terms.

McCree had already made a name for himself as a member of the notorious Deadlock Gang, which trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware throughout the American Southwest, when he and his associates were busted in an Overwatch sting operation. With his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness, he was given the choice between rotting in a maximum-security lockup and joining Blackwatch, Overwatch’s covert ops division. He chose the latter.

Although he was initially cynical, he came to believe that he could make amends for his past sins by righting the injustices of the world. McCree appreciated the flexibility afforded to the clandestine Blackwatch, unhindered by bureaucracy and red tape. But as Overwatch’s influence waned, rogue elements within Blackwatch sought to bring down the organization and turn it to their own ends. Wanting no part of the infighting, McCree set off alone and went underground.

He resurfaced several years later as a gunslinger for hire. But while McCree’s talents are sought after by parties great and small, he fights only for causes he believes are just.” – Battle.Net


Tracer Joins the Nexus

“Cheers love” Tracer is here. Starting today (April 19) those who have digitally pre-ordered Overwatch: Origins Edition through can begin using her in the fight for the Nexus. If you, like myself, have pre-ordered somewhere else she’ll be available on the 24th of May.  For those who are just looking to purchase Tracer out right. She’ll be available April 26.

Tracer’s Hero of the Storm spotlight video can be seen below. And it is fantastic!

Overwatch Stress Test Weekend

On the eve of the your and my last chance to finally get invited to Blizzard’s “private” beta of Overwatch. We are all crossing our fingers and toes in hopes that tomorrow morning after anywhere from 50-100 refresh clicks of our respective email accounts will finally yield that ever elusive beta invite.

Overwatch Stress Test

Blizzard announced earlier this week that Thursday, yes tomorrow, they will send out one final wave of beta keys. But only for this weekend’s 36 hour stress test. So anyone of us regular Joe’s that aren’t angry have one final chance. That is until the beta is open for all of those who have pre ordered it. But still, even I like many others who have been teased and denied a beta key hold out for one more chance. It’s probably foolish of me to admit it but I’m super excited for tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

by echsa

The stress test will have all 21 heroes available but only a small number of maps to play in. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers. So long as I get a chance to run around as D.Va, Tracer and/or Widow Maker I’m good.

Blizzard  says that they are giving out keys to an even larger amount of people then they have in the past. So our chances are a little higher. Blizzard also says that they may be a little slow with the distribution of the emails so in the honor of Overwatch. Stay vigilant, stay hopeful, and I hope you and I will see one another in Overwatch!