Streaming Is On My Mind Yet Again

Monday: 8/22

The other night I came home from work which was the first Midnight Launch of the year. Fun stuff right? Not really the game that came out was Madden 17 and contrary to what the game might advertise it hasn’t much changed since the last time I played a Madden which was 2008 when Vince Young was on the cover in a Titan’s uniform. That seems like a lifetime ago now. But as I lied there preparing to fall asleep it hit me. That moment of realization that everything that you want to do might be for nothing. All the work that your have put into being the person you have always wanted to be in your head may need to be thrown out the window for a normal regular life.

Do you remember that episode of Spongebob where that guy wakes up with the same look every morning, brushes his teeth, drives to work, goes to work, comes home from work, and sleeps only to wash and repeat the next day. (Cringe) That’s something that I have tried to avoid my entire life. I much rather throw myself back into culinary and work a hot 8-9 hours, on my feet, and cooking food that brings me no passion. A sad kind of thought isn’t it. It’s just an uncomfortable feeling that I’m sure we have all felt at some point.

Monday: 8/30

What I’m trying to get at is that I have been considering jumping back into streaming, but I’m nervous. I feel like this third time could be the final and I’m approaching it as such this time around. I know this doesn’t have to be the final try. Hell, if you want to do something and you keep failing at it that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to quit at it. All it really means is that you’ve found a way to not do what you want to do. That may be redundant but in my head it sounds right. Right? Anyway, I’ve been putting the stream back together. Putting pieces where they should go, setting up the proper settings, I even went out a bought a new processor mostly for Legion and the amount of people that will flock to my server, but it’ll help with streaming. So that’s a win-win. I’m getting there however. I’m getting to a point where in my head I’m prepared to get back into streaming. It’s a reassuring feeling and for as scary as it can be it feels good to feel like I’m working toward something. That feeling in itself it motivating.

Hopefully an update will follow soon on what’s in the making.

(In the weak between the two entries I was setting things up. Installing new RAM a new CPU. Trying to get my head around what I’m trying to do. Meaning, running video feed, recording, editing, updating, testing and seeing how things look. It was a productive week as far as setting up a stream of some sort)


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