The Side of Gamestop I need.

If I’ve never mentioned it before I think it should be noted that I work at Gamestop. For two and a half years now. However the thing about Gamestop is that at the end of the day if you work in one of it stores, it’s just retail. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not the worse place to be employed it’s not the best… But for whatever reason, be it the people I work with, the day-to-day work, or maybe it’s the fact that I get to talk about video games for a living, right now… Hopefully in the future, just on a larger scale preferably. I enjoy my work and according to my managers I do a good job but Gamestop is just a store. It’s retail. The manager cares about number of sales on certain products. The assistant store manager cares about order and cleanliness. Now I like my managers, I do. They are cool people. We get along really well and working under them I have grown into my role at the store, SGA (Senior Game Adviser.) Basically I’m a shift manager. One of the things Gamestop does so I don’t have to get paid more. That “thing” being called an SGA and not a shift manager.

But this is not about the money, by any means. It’s about an opportunity.

Money doesn’t drive me. It never has. Probably never will. As a “man” I probably would make a terrible provider, but whatever.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was confronted with the idea of “What is it that you’re going to do?” Like in your life, er well with my life. It’s a question that hits everyone at some point. And you either knuckle up or just call it quits and give up or put it off. I’ve put it off long enough I think. So I committed myself to the idea that I want to get into the gaming industry not as a designer or developer but as a journalist. Sounds easy enough, well it’s not. At least from my understanding it’s not. This is why I came here so I could document everything about my gaming. “A place to write after I game.”

I’ve been away from it now for a lot longer than I would have liked, but with the release of Overwatch I’ve been occupied. A little…

So here I am trying to grind my way through the muck of the internet to get noticed for my literary skills and my “unique” take and approach to gaming. I still think that it could be done. But sometimes you need something real to rely on. I told my manager what it is that I’m trying to do now and he referred me to the career profile through Gamestop. It turns out that Gamestop has a bunch of jobs that more or less is what I want to do. So I figure this is my chance to make something in the company. I take pride in the work that I do. I may not talk about it because that’s just not my style, but I do. So here I am with a plan. A more solid plan with a foundation already made. I’ve spent some time here with Gamestop and I’ve put in good work. I’ll continue to do so. Because if I want to take advantage of a career opportunity through Gamestop I have to continue to take pride in my work and continue to do good work. I still need to talk to the right people and get advice from people who know how to get to the ultimate goal. But that’s all in good time. For now I’ll continue my writing, my gaming, my “good” work at work.

So here’s to a hopeful future.

Whoever’s reading.



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