One Last Time Drakey-Boy Part 1

Almost nine years ago Naughty Dog, the game developer that brought us Crash Banidcoot  gave us the cinematic adventure known as Uncharted. Naughty Dog had created this amazing tale of a free lance treasure hunter named Nathan Drake who was armed with pistols, machine guns, and a wit that only Nolan North could implement into this character. But like all great characters in time there is always a crew to back them up. In this case an old “bastard” named Victor “Sully” Sullivan voiced by Richard McGonagle.

After three major titles exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and one other title that launched exclusively on the PlayStation Vita, Uncharted is coming to its final end. This week Naughty Dog released Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End. This is Nathan Drake’s swansong. One final hurrah, because let’s face it any good thief or treasure hunter knows that there is need for just one last heist to get out of the game for good.

Today I started playing what could very much be the last Uncharted game I’ll ever play. It’s an emotional experience that I’m having with this game, because for every moment that gives me chills and brings an obscure smile to my face. It hits me that this could be the last time I enjoy a game of this caliber. Sure Naughty Dog will continue to create masterful works of art such as the Last of Us. If there is ever another one. But Uncharted has had a special place in my heart. It’s the cinematic mix of action adventure and historical fiction that has always spoke to me. We all at one time or another have seen Indiana Jones and know what it’s like to wonder what it’d be like to be a treasure hunter or scholar for an infamous treasure. Uncharted has been that for me. Whether I was scaling the Tibetan mountain side or cutting my way through some South American jungle in search for treasure and fame. Uncharted has been a game that inspires me to continue to have some deep connection with history. Not because I want to be a treasure hunter but that knowing your history is a very cool thing and can lead to very cool places. But soon I will say goodbye to Drake.

So as I continue down this path of learning more about a man who I’ve grown to know well. I take in every moment. If you’ve played these games since they first arrived I hope you feel this connection that I have for Uncharted, but on your level. We all have those characters we hold with high regard, Master Chief, Lara Croft, and Solid Snake are just some of those icons. But here is one who story is ending. He’ll be laid to rest because the Uncharted series has deserved it. They don’t bleed out titles every year just for financial gain nor have they ever failed to hit the mark with their narrative. Uncharted has truly been of the greats and should continue to be known just as that.


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