Another Week

It has been a slow week for me and what I have wanted to write about. There are a lot of things going on that is wroth mentioning but at the risk of turning this blog into something other then a gussied up version of a review site. I wont mention them quite yet. However, I cant help but go into an analytical in depth analysis of something that I’m passionate about.

This week at work we recently hired a another manager to lighten the work load on me and the others which is great. This means more time for writing, gaming, and possibly getting back into streaming. I haven’t really decided if I’m willing to commit myself to do that again. I want to. I’m inspired to. I just need to get to that point where I am like “Yes, I’m ready again.” But I don’t feel like I’m quite there. It’s a process to get to a point where you are subjecting yourself to a world where there are thousands of people streaming all at the same time. These people become your competition. I know it shouldn’t be seen in that regard but if you are trying to get somewhere in streaming, it’s true. But this new co worker of mine is a PR rep who has a history with gaming and nerd culture. We’ve worked a couple of nights together and she is a very cool chick. She’s energetic, gets the job easy, but what’s really cool about her is that she gets it. Lately I’ve been battling whether or not what I’m doing is “right.” Her advice, before I even told her that I started this blog, was to start one. Write. Get your ideas out of your head and on to paper or on the Internets. That’s how people get there start. I like her. She gets it.

Anyway. This week I’ve needed something to fill in my time until next week where I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry when I get access to the Open “early” Beta for Overwatch. Yes, I know I have a rager for this game. Seriously though, who doesn’t. People who are on “Oversalt” that’s who. This week I needed some filler until May 2nd, so I picked up “Ratchet and Clank” (which I will be writing about soon) but I also went back to “Hearthstone,” and “Elder Scrolls Online.” Its funny because at some point in my life these games dominated my time. Now I’m trying to think of a schedule that’s going to allow myself to fit all of them in along with my daily life. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cut some loved ones out in order to have some more time. That or quit work… Yeah right.

But Hearthstone! I’ve caught the bug again. I Tweeted something out just yesterday about How I woke up thinking about Hearthstone. Which I’ve never done but I guess a combined eight hours and ten card packs later will do that to you. I can say that I was a fool to Hearthstone yesterday and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be any different today. However I do want to get some ESO in today. Just for good measure.


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