Onlywatch *Internal Grunt of Pain*

As of 9 o’clock PDT today this morning, Overwatch entered its last invite only beta. Did you get in? Because I, like many did not. And I am so, SO salty about it.

I honestly felt like I had a good chance this time around. Mostly because this was a specific North American stress test, still no dice.

However I will say that yesterday at work didn’t help the hype. Because we got this marketing kit for Overwatch, which was full of lanyards, wristbands, posters, signs, stickers, and a beautifully made game and character breakdown book. I mean this thing is so good looking. My entire time working at GameStop I have never seen a higher quality Manager Kit then this one. So I took it! We don’t need it. Everyone is well versed on the game and if I were to leave it, it would be end up on the floor or in the hands of some crazy child showing his mother a game he knows nothing about. Yes, I’m justifying my theft. There’s also this pop open sign with character art of Winston and Widomaker with two empty slots with the words “Coming Soon.”

I mean look at it!


But just because I didn’t get into this beta doesn’t mean I’m giving up on this game.  I will continue to look forward to the open beta coming in May. I won’t be one of those salty tweeters who went from being super hopeful to super spiteful in a matter of seconds. Although I am strong enough to say that I was pretty close to doing so last night. Not anymore. I’m fine…


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