Overwatch Stress Test Weekend

On the eve of the your and my last chance to finally get invited to Blizzard’s “private” beta of Overwatch. We are all crossing our fingers and toes in hopes that tomorrow morning after anywhere from 50-100 refresh clicks of our respective email accounts will finally yield that ever elusive beta invite.

Overwatch Stress Test

Blizzard announced earlier this week that Thursday, yes tomorrow, they will send out one final wave of beta keys. But only for this weekend’s 36 hour stress test. So anyone of us regular Joe’s that aren’t angry have one final chance. That is until the beta is open for all of those who have pre ordered it. But still, even I like many others who have been teased and denied a beta key hold out for one more chance. It’s probably foolish of me to admit it but I’m super excited for tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

by echsa

The stress test will have all 21 heroes available but only a small number of maps to play in. Hey, beggars can’t be choosers. So long as I get a chance to run around as D.Va, Tracer and/or Widow Maker I’m good.

Blizzard  says that they are giving out keys to an even larger amount of people then they have in the past. So our chances are a little higher. Blizzard also says that they may be a little slow with the distribution of the emails so in the honor of Overwatch. Stay vigilant, stay hopeful, and I hope you and I will see one another in Overwatch!



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