Hitting A Wall

Only after a true two weeks of determined work I have hit a wall. Not a wall that makes me think that the words I use are foolish or wrong. Not a  wall that makes me feel like I have lost my voice on script. I’ve just hit a wall. This wall makes me feel like doing this, this logging of info, seems pointless. Because let’s face it. Trying to get somewhere in this fashion is hard. Very hard. It’s not easy and most people give up because of this “wall.” I’m trying to figure out whether or not this “wall” is a turning point or an ending point.

This is causing me to bounce my head back and forth and it’s not fun by any means and getting my ass whiped in “Dark Souls III” because my heads not in the game, isn’t helping. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do. I’ll stay posted but it wont be the most thought out work.

And all of this on the eve of maybe getting an invite to Overwatch’s stress test beta this weekend. *sigh*


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