A New Player Has Arrived

Into the gaming community that is. At least that is what I’m going to try to do. It’s a pretty common dream now, I think. Many people every day are trying to do the same exact thing. The only real difference is how they go about trying to get there. Maybe It’d be smarter if I went ahead and spent hours streaming and editing to a small number of viewers in hopes that my big break was around the corner. I could stream 24 hrs and hope more than 20 people come and stop by. I’ve been there. Done that. And now I don’t think I can do that, right now at least. Being in front of a camera is not my strong point. I’m a “Behind the scenes” kind of person. I have literacy skills. Yes, I play games for hours on end. But at my pace. I can take my time and explore the world that I’m in. I immerse myself into that world. This, I think is my advantage.

But who am I and why should anyone care. Honestly, I couldn’t answer that. I’m just another person trying to stake some claim in the ever changing gaming industry. That’s all. I work like anyone else. I got to school. I keep hobbies. Play games. “But what sets you aside from all the other blogs, websites, streamers, and youtubers out there?” Again, nothing. I’m just following a passion, a dream. However, I do spend a good time around games and the sales of them. Yes I know, selling games doesn’t really count when it comes to being in the industry. But I’m surrounded by information on titles, original ip’s, companies, and game developers. I have a chance to hear and read about them. The one thing sales allows me to do with great satisfaction is teach and explain a game, or its gameplay to someone unknowing. Maybe even open the eyes of someone who only limits themselves to Grand Theft Auto or Madden 24/7.

Working in the sales of games has definitely opened my eyes in what sales and what doesn’t. Who buys this and who buys that. I’ve learned first hand what drives people to make the decision to purchase games that are growing in price. I see these things. I experience these things. And I feel these experiences allow me to take heed and be subjective for the gaming world. Because as the gaming industry trail-blazes its way into the next generation of gaming, ie: virtual reality, it leaves behind so many who have still yet made the switch from av cable hook ups to HDMI’s. But then again  technology doesn’t slow down for anyone. You either catch up with times or get left behind.

However those are topics for a later post. So I digress. For now.

But getting back to the goal of this blog. This is my attempt to join the industry I admire so much. It’s my chance to finally join the ranks of some of those gaming and streaming greats. I’m a culinary man turned historian following his passion for gaming.



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